British Backcountry Calendar


Back in the halcyon days of straight skis, sideways chairlifts, and the Blizzard of Aahhhs on VHS, it used to be a Christmas institution to get a ski calendar in your stocking. Well, it's taken a while, but we're delighted to see that this superb tradition has been revived!

Thanks to British Backcountry and a selection of the best ski photographers in the UK, this Christmas you too will be able to both give and receive a classic ski calendar to hang in pride of place once more.  Which leaves only one question - will you delay gratification and wait for each Picture of the Month to be revealed... or will you sneak naughtily downstairs, rummage under the Christmas tree, and flick uncontrollably through all 12 months of stunning photography before Santa has relaunched his reindeer?

Sorry - we've run out of stock already! But get your hands on our lovely Nevis or Glencoe Scottish Offpiste ski guidebooks instead!

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